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3 Dec

More haste less waste – Five ways you may be able to speed up your recruitment process

Once you have decided to employ a new member of your team, you will usually want them in place as […]

9 Nov

Where the boundaries are – working with a new generation

Sometimes you feel a real cultural shift in the workplace, and I can’t help but think there may be a […]

10 Sep

Are you conscious of your “Unconscious bias”?

Unconscious bias, what is it? Unconscious bias is a kind of social stereotype we build about certain individuals or groups […]

31 Aug

“Do you have any questions for us?”

OK, hands up if you have ever got to the stage of an interview where you’re asked, “Do you have […]

30 Jul

A new cousin – Hiring with company culture in mind

There are a lot of benefits to a strong and well-embedded company culture, but there is often some confusion about […]

28 Jul

See you tomorrow and the day after – The importance of effective virtual onboarding

Virtual onboarding is something that we have all needed to come to terms with. The last year has certainly been […]

10 Jul

Workplace Mental Health…Let’s talk

Mental Health in the workplace…Ok, so it’s not a subject that is easy to talk about. Let’s face it for […]

25 May

It’s summer, we are easing out of lockdown, so is it time to move to a new role?

When you start to think about whether you should be looking to do something new with your career and changing […]

30 Apr

The white noise problem – Where do you check first for your communication?

When you come to think about it, it is quite ironic that the amount of communications we receive can be […]