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11 Sep

ACA, ACCA, or CIMA: Which is Best for Me?

For aspiring accountants, the decision of which accounting qualification to pursue can be a pivotal one in shaping their future […]

29 Aug

6 Top Ways for Managers to Help Employees Cope With and Overcome Workplace Stress

Managing workplace stress is crucial for maintaining employee well-being and overall organisational success. High levels of stress can lead to […]

19 Jul

Mastering Social Media Recruitment: Leveraging Social Branding for Hiring Success

  In today’s digital age, social media has become essential for recruiters and HR professionals to find and attract top […]

8 Jul

Don’t wait until you need it – Talk to a recruiter before you are ready for a new job

In most other areas of our lives, we plan for any major changes. So why is consulting a recruiter so […]

15 Jun

Mastering the Art of Effective Employee Onboarding

The process of onboarding new employees is a crucial step in building a strong and successful team. Effective onboarding sets […]

31 May

Do Traditional Recruitment Methods Still Have a Part to Play in Today’s Digital Age?

In recent years, the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionised various industries, including recruitment. AI-powered tools and algorithms have […]

4 May

Thank you and goodbye – handling an employee resignation

In the current employment world, where the demand for workers often outstrips the available candidates for the roles, resignations are […]

29 Mar

It’s not all about the numbers – Why soft skills matter in the workplace

There are few professionals like accountants when it comes to mastering skills like attention to detail, understanding complex issues like […]

10 Mar

Are you conscious of your “Unconscious bias”?

Unconscious bias, what is it? Unconscious bias is a kind of social stereotype we build about certain individuals or groups […]