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29 Mar

It’s not all about the numbers – Why soft skills matter in the workplace

There are few professionals like accountants when it comes to mastering skills like attention to detail, understanding complex issues like […]

10 Mar

Are you conscious of your “Unconscious bias”?

Unconscious bias, what is it? Unconscious bias is a kind of social stereotype we build about certain individuals or groups […]

5 Mar

Talking ‘bout my generation – The needs of Gen Z, Gen X and Millennials in the workplace 

Generational divide in the workplace can be a blessing or a curse. On the one hand, there is no substitution […]

28 Feb

Opportunity and support – Spotting and encouraging growth in talented employees

When you employ a new team member, you are looking for more than skills. You hope you will employ someone […]

15 Feb

Why It’s Important to Ask Questions During a Job Interview

It is crucial to prepare a list of questions before going into an interview. Firstly, it is an indication that […]

10 Feb

Getting to know them – Six ways to expand your network for clients and candidates

  No matter how much things change, one thing stays the same. A good network of contacts will always help […]

15 Jan

Should I show you the money? Intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation and retention

I doubt you will find an employer in the country that doesn’t realise that motivated and engaged teams are far […]

9 Jan

AI for Job Seekers! Intelligent Move or Just Hype?

The growth in the use of Artificial Intelligence is difficult to ignore. It seems to be everywhere and seemingly capable […]

24 Dec

What you do today… Why you need to think carefully before accepting a counter-offer

Remember the moment when you last handed in your resignation? It feels momentous. When you say ‘I’m leaving’, you are […]