Published: 25 May 2022

The interview process is a key part of hiring a new employee. Does this vital aspect need to be re-addressed though for the current candidate pool, though?

Why worry about the interview process?

Interviewing a candidate is one of the most important parts of the employment chain. In fact, many employers and candidates will point to it as being a tipping point for decision making. Yet, despite the acknowledged importance of interviewing, it seems, to some extent at least, to be overlooked when it comes to reviewing the employment process. This is perfectly understandable because while other elements such as listings, job descriptions and so on are usually created for the role and therefore constantly reviewed, the interview itself tends to follow a strict, very traditional structure. For the most part, candidates are invited to the workplace, they take part in a discussion, then they leave and wait to hear. While this is not always the case (in fact, many of the following suggestions are in use with employers), it still does seem that interviewing has a set procedure that we tend to follow.

The danger with any methodology that becomes so familiar, of course, is that we start to take it for granted. At the moment, though, the skills shortage, the final rumblings of the great resignation and other factors have created a very unusual, candidate-driven employment market. Bearing in mind the importance of the interview, taking it for granted could prove a costly error.

Changing the interview for the current candidate pool

We are seeing some real changes to the way interviews are being conducted. The need for high-performing candidates and the pressure of skills shortages mean that many companies are changing their approach to interviewing.

Coupled with great questions, a solid process, and an unbiased and equal interview technique, you should find that not only does the candidate benefit, but you will also get a superior result. In the end, it is better to interview a relaxed, invested, and informed candidate for a role they are genuinely interested in taking than one that has gone through the mill of the more traditional interview process.


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