Published: 15 June 2024

Here are our tips on smashing that Video Interview

With recruitment technology evolving rapidly, it’s essential to stay ahead. Video interviews are becoming more common, so here are our updated tips to help you succeed.

A – Familiarise with the Technology

Ensure you know how to use the video platform beforehand. Download any necessary software days in advance and conduct a test run with friends or family.

B – Ensure Your Device is Charged

A low battery or unexpected notifications can disrupt your interview. Fully charge your device and disable any alerts to avoid distractions.

C – Create a Distraction-Free Environment

Choose a quiet, clean location free from interruptions. Inform anyone nearby not to disturb you during the interview.

D – Dress Professionally

Dress as you would for an in-person interview. This shows respect and professionalism, even if the interviewer only sees the upper half of your attire.

E – Maintain Eye Contact

Look into the camera, not the screen, to create a sense of eye contact. Ensure your microphone captures your voice clearly by keeping it close.

F – Allow for Connection Delays

Pause briefly after the interviewer finishes speaking to account for any digital delay. This prevents talking over each other and ensures smooth communication.

G – Conclude Gracefully

End the interview by thanking the interviewer and inquiring about the next steps. This leaves a positive, lasting impression.

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