Published: 8 July 2023

In most other areas of our lives, we plan for any major changes. So why is consulting a recruiter so different?

Why should you get to know a recruiter?

Sometimes, when you stand back and really think about something, it stops making sense. For example, isn’t it strange that most people only go to a recruitment specialist when they need a job?

Perhaps it is down to what psychologists call ‘the status quo bias’, but changing jobs is something we invariably rush at the last minute. We don’t do this in other areas of our lives. We go to the doctors for a check-up to avoid being ill. We service our cars to avoid them breaking down. We see our pension providers to be ready for retirement, and we see a mortgage adviser when we are only even thinking about moving house.

For some reason, though, we only ever think to go to a recruiter when we are already in real need of a new job.

Why see a recruiter when you don’t need a job?

When you look at the list in the first paragraph and consider the reason why we do those things, it comes down to avoiding a problem later on. You could, for example, wait until your car breaks down before you see a mechanic, but you have it serviced to reduce the chances of being sat at the side of the road in a cloud of steam. Similarly, to buy a house, you need an offer in principle, so you see a mortgage advisor before you make any offers for your new home. The same principle can be applied to a recruitment advisor.

As we head into what may be a recession and following the turmoil of the last two years, I think we are all aware of the possibility of change. So, ask yourself this question. Are you 100% sure you will not need a new job at some point? If you answered yes, and you were totally sure, then you are in a rare and exceptional position or some very specific circumstances.


There are several advantages to knowing a good recruitment specialist even if you are currently working.







It seems sensible to take the opportunity to have a recruiter by your side who knows you and your ambitions in case you suddenly need them. Not forgetting that they will also be working to find you the best possible career in the meantime.


Contact us. Let’s get to know you so we can be there when you need us and maybe before.