Published: 30 October 2019

According to recent research conducted by supplies retailer Brother UK,  the most popular job searches in the last 12 months ( Source : Google data) make for interesting reading for the Accountancy sector.

As a new business owner, having just set up my own Accountancy Consultancy it was reassuring to see my core discipline features highly in the list. According to research the Top 10 most popular UK searched were -

Good news for the Accounting profession, you sit nicely at the table between “Prison Officers” and “Social Workers”, would make for an interesting dinner party!

In fact, if we expand that out to a Global search, we see the role of Accountant sits much higher in the world search and is 2nd only to that of Mechanical Engineering.

Perhaps, there’s an idea for the launch of Bespoke Recruitments’ Mechanical Engineering division?, I think for now we will stick to what we do best, why not check out our “Live” accountancy opportunities at